Thankful Tuesday

Today was a snow day, which is really the only thing that snow is good for in my personal opinion. But it was wonderful to just relax and literally be stuck in my little house. Last week was really crazy and exhausting and the past few days I had been feeling like I had reached my end emotionally. Just ask my poor husband who has had to deal with my tears the past two days. I have been on this health journey since the end of December, and I have been working very hard to treat my body well and also get into my BMI. I’ve been working hard and not seeing the results I would like. But today I have come to a place where I know that even if I’m not where I want to be yet, it’s not for lack of trying. I am working hard and I am being faithful. I am treating my body well and I am not quitting. In fact not only am I not quiting but I am enjoying this journey (most of the time). I am learning how to cook and bake in ways that are new and innovative for me. I am working out consistently and I am working out hard! When I remember all of that it puts it in perspective for me. Would I like to see more results faster? Yes. But that fact doesn’t change the reality that I am working hard with consistency. This is a big deal for me, and I don’t want to lose sight of that. Weight loss or not I am still walking in VICTORY.

I think that’s a great place to start this week’s Thankful Tuesday. So, this week I am thankful for:

1. snow days

2. the gym

3. black bean brownie

4. a temporary full time job, where I can work from home during the move

5. signing the lease for our new apartment

5. a husband who encourages me and pushes me towards success

6. a husband who works hard at the things he is passionate about, like his full length album, and works hard even in the mundane things, like shoveling out our cars

7. daily victories

8. the opportunity to see God work through our move to NC

9. having coffee this week, and not needing sugar in it, and also not needing to drink it everyday

Last week felt long and exhausting, and I didn’t always have a very good attitude about it, but reflecting on life and the things I am thankful for reminds me that I really have a ton of blessings. Even in the frustration and discouragement God is still working, isn’t He? What are you thankful for??


The Friday Recipe Roundup

I have always enjoyed cooking, but normally I don’t like to take chances because I’m not actually a skilled chef… I just like food! But once I started this health journey I decided it was time to try some new things. There are some cool healthier alternatives to foods that are normally not so great for you. So I thought i might be fun for me to share my cooking  and experimenting escapades on Fridays. Maybe you’ll feel inspired and try some yourself! Because here’s the thing… if I can do it you DEFINITELY can do it.

Last Saturday I attempted cauliflower pizza crust. I didn’t 100 % know what I was doing, but I got a food processor for Christmas so I thought I’d give it a shot. The crust was pretty good, but didn’t get as crispy as I would have hoped. Also I put too much cheese on it so thus the cheese overwhelmed the cauliflower. So I thought I’d try again with a different recipe. Wednesday I went round two with this recipe, and it was really good. The crust was much crispier and I put on like half the cheese from the first round. Also that recipe made two crusts so it was nice to have left overs to bring for lunches and such.

cauliflower-pizza-crustNext I made cauliflower tortillas for crock pot chicken tacos. I was intrigued and a little skeptical of this recipe because… well… I mean cauliflower as a tortilla? Sounds weird. But I thought I’d give this flour free option a go. AND THEY WERE AMAZING! Seriously, so so great. I will definitely be making these again. And you could probably also use them with Indian food or for a breakfast burrito, really the sky’s the limit. Here is the recipe. You can thank me later.

Cauliflower-Tortillas-More than cooking, I love baking. I have a kitchen aid mixer which makes baking a breeze. But since I’ve been staying away from sugar and flour and such, I haven’t really done any of that. UNTIL I found this amazing healthy cookie recipe on Pinterest. It’s just oats, applesauce, ground nutmeg, bananas, peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon, ground cloves, and nuts and chocolate chips if you so desire them. These cookies are just divine. They definitely taste healthy, but they are still the perfect way to curb a craving for sweets. I’m going to make more tonight for company we’re having tomorrow… and I also just because I love them. healthy cookiesAnd the final recipe for the week is actually a smoothie! I have one every morning with fruit and three cups of spinach. I saw this recipe a while back from on the Facebook page for Incredible Smoothies. It’s a healthy chocolate smoothie with mango and blueberries in it. Here is the recipe. I halved the amount of mango and blueberries and put in half a frozen banana. It was so delicious and it felt like I was drinking desert for breakfast. Cocoa powder doesn’t have any sugar in it, and very limited fat and calories. I found a fair trade/organic cocoa powder at Fresh Market so I was one happy chic. I love smoothies in the morning because I put a lot of spinach in it and it makes me feel like I am super charging my day from the very beginning.


That’s all for this week! I hope maybe you’ll give one of these recipes a try and be pleasantly surprised like I have been, that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste bad! In fact it can be fun and super delicious! May the healthy food force be with you! 🙂


**In order to properly give credit to the creators of these delicious recipes, I found them all at