Thankful Tuesday

Last week was snow city here in Virginia, and I’m not going to lie, I spent more than a little time complaining about our unplowed road. I was/am not thankful for the snow. It’s cold and wet and in my way… but there is still something beautiful about it… especially when it first falls, untouched by cars or people. And I think that’s a lot like life. Sometimes it’s really dumb, and frustrating and stressful, and things get in our way. Like cars that won’t start, or a sleepless nights, or difficult relationships. Sometimes it feels like how in the world am I supposed to be thankful for ANY of this? But I am beginning to see that there is beauty in the hard stuff, a silver lining to every cloud. Sometimes we have to look a little harder for the silver, but it’s there. Sometimes I really don’t feel like being thankful, because it takes so much more work. But this thankful spirit has transformative powers, and I know that I do want to be transformed. I know what a person overcome with thanksgiving looks like, and that’s what I want for my life. So I fill little journals with the daily graces, and I write down the ordinary things, and I feel myself change. It’s slow but it’s sure. Today I am thankful for:

1. Friendships, both new and old. I love deep talks and I love laughing over board games, and squealing with delight over big announcements. I love planning trips and running races together. I love that my best friend is my spouse and I love the other friends that God has placed so perfectly in my life.

2. The gym, because I have really developed a love for working out. I really feel better about myself and my body when I know that I have worked hard. Today I will start training for my very first 5k!! Maybe some people can run that in their sleep, but for me this is a big deal and I’m really excited to start the training!

3. Peanut butter ginger chocolate chip cookies that are basically healthy. That’s right, I said it. They are gluten free, vegan and oil free. AND DELICIOUS!! Chocolate Covered Katie never steers me wrong.

4. My amazingly creative husband. He has been working SO hard at recording a full length album, and next week he will be launching the pre-order for it. I’m so proud of him for working so diligently and for making such beautiful and inspiring music.

5. The opportunity to attend a Jon Foreman show this weekend. We live in a college town, and said college always attracts some our favorite bands and singer at least once a year, and this Saturday we get to see our most favorite singer/songwriter/awesome person. I am so pumped… and if dares to snow, I will kick said snow in the butt.

6. Parks and Recreation (the t.v. show) because it’s HILARIOUS. Sometimes Steve and I will walk it while we eat dinner or in bed and we just die laughing. If you don’t like it… we might have to have words.

7. Clothing that is starting to fit better, like my boots that used to be tighter around my calves.

8. My brother coming to visit this weekend/next week.

That’s all for this week. I love writing these posts, it’s really such a joyful experience for me. How about you? What are you thankful for on chilly winter day?


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