Friday Recipe Roundup

Good morning my fine interwebs and real life friends. IT’S FRIDAY!! Normally I embrace Fridays with a huge figurative hug and do a happy dance, especially when that Friday is a jeans and t-shirt day at work. But unfortunately this day started out with a never ending dentist appointment to take care of my poor chipped tooth. Boo hiss. A little background there, this same precious tooth had a root canal a little over a year ago but I am a cheapskate and I was paying for a wedding and so I said, “SORRY TOOTH! You’re just gonna have to go without a crown and suck it up.” Well about a year later I learned that was a mistake because my poor little tooth chipped when I bit into an extra crunchy piece of bread. But the dentist fixed it up and I thought… I’m still gonna wait on the root canal… denial is the way to go. And once again I was wrong because two nights ago the back of my poor tooth broke while I was eating a no bake cookie. I wised up at this point and faced the music. It was time for a stupid and expensive crown. Off to the dentist I went today, he shot me up with Novocaine, pulled the broken part of my tooth and then used that awful grinding tool and made my poor little precious tooth into a nub. His words, not mine. Now I just wait for the permanent crown to be done. In conclusion, I hate the dentist… I had to anoint myself in anti anxiety essential oils on my way to work. Bless.

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This was me post dentist…

Now onto more wonderful things, like black bean brownies.

Last week I skipped recipe roundup because i felt like I didn’t have enough to share, so this is two weeks of recipes I’ve tried.

1. Chicken(or turkey) spinach cheddar burgers. I used ground turkey for this recipe because it’s what I had at the house, but I do love ground chicken so I’m sure it would be delish with that. The burgers were really tasty and moist. You do use some breadcrumbs, but not cheese. I’m a fan of these and will definitely make them again. I made some sweet potato hash to go on the side, and it was perfect! I used a piece of spelt bread for the bun, but then yesterday I had one again at lunch without any bread at all and it was still just as good.

2. Cowboy Cookie no bakes (without granulated sugar). These were awesome. I accidentally put too much baking soda in them, so Steve won’t eat them, but I still think they taste like cookie dough so more for me! The combination of the pretzel and the dark chocolate is awesome. You can bake them, but the instructions say that they taste better not baked and I am inclined to believe them. The only sweetener in these is vanilla, maple syrup and dark chocolate. I used to love eating cookie dough, so this is a healthier and less calorie filled alternative to that. I found this recipe at Chocolate Covered Katie, which in my personal opinion is the best healthy dessert blog.

3. Almond Crusted Chicken Strips. These were pretty tasty, but mine did not get as crunchy as in picture. I think I will try to make them again but I will coat them better in the almond meal, I will use less olive oil, and maybe at some dried spices to the almond meal mixture. I paired this with some Israeli couscous which is so tasty. It was a pretty bland meal, but I like bland.

4. Black Bean Brownies. This is another Chocolate Covered Katie recipe, and it is amazing. Steve told me I should never make another kind of brownies again, and I can’t help but agree. They are moist and kind of fudgey tasting, and they have loads of dark chocolate. I used all maple syrup for the sweetener, and it still tasted amazing. These are chocolate heaven, for reals. Go make these right now, you’ll thank me later.

I’ve also made some delicious smoothies through this journey, with fruit and peanut butter and cocoa powder. I also put a scoop Doterra protein powder called Trim Shake. It has really helped curve my craving for carbs, which is a miracle because I am a bread girl through and through.

It has been fun to try new and delicious ways to enjoy healthier food. I’ve had stomach problems for as long as I can remember so I recently decided to cut out dairy, certain veggies, and gluten to see if it helps at all. It’s just a two week trial to see if it will make a difference, and then I’ll add things back in slowly.

I hope you have had a great week, I hope that the snow has not deterred you from doing fabulous things, I hope that these recipes inspire you to try new things and maybe even be pleasantly surprised at how delish they are. You are fabulous. DON’T YOU FORGET IT!


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