Thankful Tuesday (PA School Edition)

If you’re friends with me on Facebook then you saw that Steven got in PA (physicians assistant) school at Campbell University in NC! We’re very excited and I’m sooooooo proud of him!! PA programs are competitive but my awesome husband is just that smart. (Yes I know I’m being obnoxiously braggy, I’d appreciate some grace.) When he text messaged me that he got the call I almost did a happy dance in the middle of my office! We’re so thankful for this opportunity, however there are two catches. First, it’s in North Carolina so we would have to move and I’d have to find a new job. Second, he currently has an interview scheduled with a school in the town we live in but it’s not until the end of October and he has to give Campbell his decision next week. We’re fairly certain he’d get into the school here but the building is under construction and so he can’t even see what the facilties will look like. Basically we just have a big decision make in a short period of time. We are thankful for option and for opportunity, but a little overwhelmed by the weight of the decision. We know which way we are leaning, but if you think of it keep us in your prayers! We know that God will provide what we need for the decision He leads us too so I’m clinging to that! I’m still overwhelmed by all of the opportunities that God has given us, it’s a very exciting time and I feel like we have a ton to be thankful for.

Which leads me to Thankful Tuesday, so without further ado here we go!

1.) Coffee, because it turns me into a human being.

2.) Essential Oils, because I am learning a lot about how I can use them to improve my physical and mental health.

3.) Counseling with Whitney tonight, because she’s awesome.

4.) A good hair day, because I have rebellious locks. When they do what I want, that is a reason to celebrate!

5.) Clean water, because it is good for our bodies and not everyone has access to it.

6.) Chocolate Lavender coffee, because it sounds yummy/interesting. I’m basically obsessed with lavender FYI.

7.) PA School opportunities, because it’s exciting to look to the future and think about where we could end up!

8.) Having a job, because it provides for our needs and wants, and I know what a blessing it is!

9.) The opportunity to learn about and purchase things that are better for my family’s health, and better for the earth.

10.) A husband that I can be silly/ridiculous with. It just makes life so much more fun and full!

11.) Access to vitamins and supplements because they help my body function as it should.

12.) My planner and to-do lists that help my life feel more organized!

13.) 9 months of marriage with Steven (on Sunday).

14.) Beautiful fall weather, because fall is my happy place!

The list could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. Now it’s YOUR turn! I know that we all have tough stuff in our life but if we look hard enough there is always a silver lining that we can find! What are you thankful for?




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