Thankful Tuesday and Sustainable Living

Yesterday I started the Daniel Plan. I have been chugging water like it’s going out of style and filling my tummy with nutrious things however I want ice cream. My body is jonesing for something sweet but I’m just drinking chamomile tea instead hoping that eventually my body will hush about wanting chocolate. For the past 6 months or so I’ve been on a mission to make my little family’s life more sustainable. By that I mean I’m obsessed with turning off lights and recycling every possible thing ever. We’ve been attempting to transition to cloth napkins, however I still use paper towels for cleaning… they’re made from recycled paper so I’m hoping that counts for something. I’m also fiercely anti plastic baggy thus our kitchen sink is filled with lunch Tupperware after work. My thinking is that to whom much has been given much is required and our bodies and the world is a huge gift so it’s my responsibility to be a good steward of both to the best of my ability. I still have a long way to go as far as transitioning into more natural and “green” living, but I’m trying. Day by day I’m changing things by altering where I spend my money and making smarter and healthier choices. I love food so much, especially sweet food, but I came to a place where I realized it was silly to be so concerned with essential oils and recycling, and vitamins, if I wasn’t also being intentional about the hard stuff. For me the hard stuff means having self control when I want a brownie. Using oils and supplements are easy, but saying no to a doughnut… not so much. So that means I’m attempting to flex my self control muscles with the help of my husbands accountability and the strength of the Lord. Day 2 of the Daniel Plan…. here I come!

With all of that being said, welcome to Thankful Tuesday! The part of the week where I share the many things I am thankful for and invite YOU to do the same. Here we go…

I am thankful for:

1.) The Daniel Plan because it gives me a clear plan on how to treat my body better and with care.

2.) Coffee, need I say more?

3.) My friend Claire because she’s a huge blessing of a friend. We always have such good and honest conversations and I feel encouraged every time we get to talk. She’s an awesome lady and lover of Jesus and I’m lucky to call her friend.

4.) The fact that I get to sing and record music with my extremely talented husband. In fact we just recorded and released a new song… which you can find here. Yes, shameless plug.

5.) Counseling tonight because Whitney is the best and every time I leave our time together I like myself a little more and I feel a little more healed. It’s a long process but the blessing of a kind, wise, and loving counselor is a blessing that words can’t properly explain to you. If you’ve ever been interested in going to see a counselor before let me encourage you to just do it! Make the call, start the process, you won’t regret it.

6.) The opportunity to grow and learn with Steven. Marriage is brutiful. It’s difficult and it’s magical and I wouldn’t have it any other way with any other person. He’s so stellar and he’s cute too which is an added bonus. Once again, words can’t properly express how blessed I am to be married to this man.

7.) The opportunity to learn to new ways to be healthy.

8.) The Fresh Market because it’s a magical (expensive) land of natural and organic things. I don’t usually buy much (see previous sentence), but just walking around is a lovely experience. The music is good and it smells like incense or essential oils. I’m a fan.

9.) Our adorable house that God provided for us. It’s really one of the biggest blessings  we’ve ever received and I never want to take it for granted.

10.) You, whoever you are, for taking the time to read this post and any other things I read.

That’s all for this week folks. If you see me feel free to ask me how that Daniel Plan thing is going, accountability is my friend (whether I like it or not). Now it’s your turn. What are YOU thankful for? Please tell me, I reallllly want to know!!


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