This year I found One Word 365 through one of my favorite blogs, Love and Respect Now. The concept is that instead of making a list of new year resolutions, you pick one word to basically define your year. One word to define the area you want to grow and change in the most. I think this idea is GENIUS, because new years resolutions can be a tad overwhelming, so picking one word seems more manageable and more productive.

I mentioned in my last post that this year I want to be grateful, so that is my word. Grateful… or thankful. Another word that I’m using is the greek word for “to give thanks”, Eucharisteo. The root work charis, means grace, and it also has the derivative “chara” which means joy. As Ann Voscamp showed me, thanksgiving is finding grace and joy in all things. So this year, that is what I am determined to do. I have a little gold notebook that I carry around in my purse, and this is where I am counting my blessings. This is where eucharisteo becomes more than just a passing thought in my mind. It’s where it is written down, and lived out. It’s where I give thanks. It’s where I count the everyday graces, like a snow delay, so I am able to accomplish much in my home before I go to work. Like a good morning kiss from my favorite man. Like the first snow of the winter. Since I’ve started writing in my little book I’ve counted 200 blessings. Some overlap, but I thank God afresh for them each time I write them down.

It’s harder to find the graces in some things. To find joy in the things that seem so devoid of it. But I’m learning that if I’m willing to look a little harder, it’s there. It’s always there. If I’m willing to look, I’ll always find it.

So may this be the year of thanksgiving. Of grace. Of joy. Grateful is my word, and hopefully by the end of the year that will be an adjective used to describe my life.


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